How does the Visualeo Community work?

Upon joining our trusted network, all verifiers will receive basic training in bulletins as well as monitoring of their first tasks so that they can learn how to use the application and get to know the operating protocols for each of the tasks that they will be undertaking. In this way, we can guarantee the best possible service to our customers.

Our program follows criteria for automatic segmentation based on geo-localisation, the experience of our verifiers and the valuations they receive from our clients. This allows us to provide a trained and segmented community capable of carrying out professional and effective work in the shortest time possible. We also use app notifications to quickly propose jobs to the nearest and most active available verifiers. The first verifier to reserve the job will receive the instructions on their smartphone and travel to the required location to carry out the work. A final report is then automatically generated and send to the client for a fast and efficient service.

For each verification, the client will request a number of images, required video time and/or questions to be answered. All images will be validated in real-time using Blockchain technology to confirm that the work has been done on the appropriate date, time, and location.

Here at Visualeo, we are learning to build for the future by trusting in  people and encouraging solidarity, efficiency and innovation. Thanks to technology, but above all, thanks to our collaborators, the Visualeo community continues to grow in leaps and bounds. This is why we hope to expand across Europe very soon.

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