Are you interested in Blockchain technology?

Here at Visualeo, we are committed to transparency and safety on the Internet. We are working to bring our Blockchain network to individuals and businesses.

The new Internet

Since its beginning, the internet has been brought to us via large companies who store and manage all of our data. The development of Blockchain networks in the last 10 years has allowed users to guarantee the transparency and privacy of their movements on the Internet.

There are currently many different Blockchain networks which have been created to resolve different problems (sending money, commercial tracking, security, digital identity, intellectual property, document exchanges…). Incorporating Blockchain networks into our daily life is only a matter of time.

Blockchain and Visualeo

We know it can be complicated understanding how Blockchain works: especially as it is usually written about in texts and videos designed for programmers or economists, leaving the practical use of this new technology unclear. Our blog talks about the origin and workings of Blockchain networks, the misconceptions surrounding them, the different initiatives based on current Blockchains… and how these different elements can affect our way of life. We always try to use straightforward language which is accessible for anyone interested in learning about how they can make the most of this new technology.

Using Blockchain, here at Visualeo we have been able to find a simple and accessible way to facilitate verification processes for any individual or company. We work in any sector that needs to verify the location, date and time that a photograph or video was taken. Thanks to Ethereum Blockchain, we have been able to create immutable digital evidence for documents produced via our app.

We keep up to date with all recent developments in this field, as well as the best way to offer our clients a tailor-made service. Our initiative aims to connect people and build a Trusted Network which all of us can participate in. This way we are able to guarantee the privacy and security of all our users. We will be your eyes anywhere, and everywhere.

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