Trusted Network & Blockchain Technology

We have many years of experience innovating and developing tools and disruptive business models that are designed to encourage the progress and change that is necessary in our present and future society.
Committed to these changes, we present you with an innovative project with both social and technological impact. It is oriented towards the insurance sector, although it’s also adaptable to any business sector or institution that is looking to transform and adapt their information systems in order to reduce processing costs and times, at the same time as radically increasing the security of the information it receives.
To do so, we offer a perfectly balanced ecosystem within a nationwide Sharing Economy, which thanks to the use of Blockchain technology ensures the accuracy of all information created and received.
This ecosystem is managed by an APP + web platform (Cloud Computing), that is capable of administering and managing a network of visual verifiers (real-time geo-localisation, internal messaging, shipping and automatic management of orders, carrying out work, generating and submitting reporting in real-time), in addition to recruiting, retaining and processing automatic payments depending on the work that has been completed.
The APP has been designed and built using Blockchain technology, which allows us to receive “Immutable Digital Evidence” for all the images and videos taken by each verifier, geo-localising them with the date and time, resulting in real-time verification.
This way we can ensure that the perfect balance of a Sharing Economy, together with Blockchain technology, will radically change many fundamental sectors such as the insurance, real estate and automotive industries, among many others. With the ability to create and manage visual information from a distance, we are able to reduce both costs and time, thus increasing profitability as well as guaranteeing the veracity of strategic information in real-time.

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