Why should you use the Self-check service?

Visualeo offers a solution for interested individuals and companies looking to certify the condition of their products and properties.

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Self-checking of products and properties​

With the widespread use of image and video editing tools, the Internet has become full of false information. In today’s world, we can no longer trust in the saying “an image speaks a thousand words” because we often find that many images and texts published on the Internet are false. If we want to sell our car of rent our home on the Internet, there are few tools that can help us to verify that our photos and videos are real. Our clients have now found a solution to this thanks to Visualeo.

Visualeo certifies your properties

Just like in many of the sectors we work with, our users have been able to identify the usefulness of our Blockchain technology for facilitating daily activities, thanks to the immutability of this information. When it comes to second-hand trading, the ability to prove that a product is in perfect condition, on a given date and time, helps increase trust among potential buyers. The same can be said when renting a property or even for a false evaluation of land for a new construction project. These types of uses were discovered thanks to proposals made by our verifiers and clients.

In other sectors, our users have also made great use of this technology to digitally certify documentation or administrative processes, both public and private. For example, if we were able to communicate a car accident in real-time to our insurance company, self-check would be a much quicker and cheaper way of doing it than the current processes now in place. In the same way, if we want to publicly validate a house sale contract, the role of the notary would be made much easier using Visualeo. They may even be able to receive documents verified with Blockchain without even leaving the notary.

At present, the traditional processes- by which a unique institution (bank, insurance company, real estate agency…) validate all documents, properties and transactions- are merging with technological innovation which allows us increase and improve participation in these processes. This has lead us to focus our work on the legal sector. We trust that, legally speaking, documents registered in a Blockchain network will bear official validity in the near future.

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