Visualeo allows you to request information on any product or property from a distance with complete assurance. Thanks to Blockchain technology, you can obtain digital evidence to guarantee that a report was carried out when you requested it.

Request a Verification

Simply tell us which type of product or property you would like to verify and provide us with its location and your contact details.

Notify the network

Your task will be published on our platform and the nearest verifier with the highest rating will take photos, videos and answer your questions.

Verification complete

You will receive real-time verification via your mobile device, which will allow you to make the best decisions at the same time as saving on travel time and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Different cases of use

Automotive Industry

Check the condition of any vehicle (car or motorcycle) before you buy it.


We help art appraisal companies to check the condition of any work of art.

Advertising / Cinema / TV

Check the condition of a film location without needing to travel there yourself.

Real Estate

If you need to rent or buy a home we will help you to check if is in good condition.


Reduce the risk of fraud when exporting products thanks to our network of verifiers.


Use Blockchain to verify any product or property from a distance without the need to travel.

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