What is the legal validity of the reports generated by Visualeo?

The reports generated by Visualeo can be submitted to any judicial process through the means of proof of private document.

Visualeo uses Blockchain technology to give legal certainty, over time, to the content of its reports, certifying that: 

The reports generated by Visualeo are fully valid from a legal point of view. These reports are generated using highly secure technology (Blockchain) that certifies:

• The integrity of the photographs and videos contained in the report and obtained through its APP.
• The date and geo-location of each of the photographs/videos.
• And finally, the person/user of the Visualeo platform who took the shots and, if applicable, the Verifier who carried out the task.

Additionally, Visualeo also retains the meta-data of the image/video files obtained through its APP.

WHAT IS THE PROBATIVE VALUE of private documents?

Private documents may constitute full proof whenever their authenticity is not disputed by the part of the process that it undermines.

In the event of challenges to the authenticity of the Visualeo Report, in order to prove its content, the party that has submitted such report will need to request expert collation or other relevant means of evidence that allows them to demonstrate the veracity of its content.

What happens if someone challenges the report generated by Visualeo?

You should ask Visualeo to create an Expert Report to prove the authenticity of its content.

Visualeo will issue the corresponding Expert Report, which shall consist of:

• Identification of the person/user who took the shots.

• Trustworthiness of photos/videos captured through the Visualeo APP.

• Date/time and geo-location of where the shots were obtained.

• Explanation of how blockchain technology works.

• Access to the block sealing belonging to the Blockchain network via a web link where the following information shall be indicated:
– The date and time of the block sealing that corresponds to when the Report was logged, which guarantees the moment in which it was registered.
– The HASH belonging to the Report registration log to guarantee the trustworthiness of its contents. 

If the results of the above attest to the authenticity of the Visualeo Report, the judge may request that the party challenging its authenticity pay the costs, expenses, and fees incurred, as well as the possibility of a fine being imposed if the judge finds bad faith in the challenge.

The judge shall assess the outcome of the Expert Report in accordance with the rules of reasoned judgement, that is, according to criteria of logic and advances in science and technology.

WHAT ARE THE APPLICABLE REGULATIONS regarding proof for Visualeo reports?

First, the Spanish Constitution, and specifically in art. 24.2, in which it grants freedom to use whichever means of evidence as is deemed relevant to the defence.

In the civil order, Law 1/2000 of 7 January, of Civil Procedure (LEC), in its art. 299, permitting the use of private documents as valid evidence for trial, among others, including the reproduction of images, providing that they are relevant to the process. Noting that, in the absence of legislation in proceedings of criminal, contentious-administrative, business, and military nature, the provisions of this law shall apply.

In the workplace, and in accordance with the Law 36/2011 of 10 October, which regulates the social jurisdiction, and according to its art. 90, evidence permitting the reproduction of images and data shall be admissible as means of evidence, subject to justification of utility and relevance.

And finally, in criminal justice, according to the Organic Law 10/1995 of 23 November of the Criminal Code, and specifically in its art. 26, it is indicated that any medium that incorporates data, facts, or narratives with evidence of effectiveness, shall be considered a valid document.

Thus, in conclusion, Visualeo Reports may be submitted to any judicial process, through the means of evidence of a private document.

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