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Check the condition of any product or property from a distance, without the need to travel and with complete assurance and precision thanks to Blockchain technology

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Visualeo performs visual checks in real-time, helping you to reduce personnel expenses and processing times, increasing the profitability of your company. Visualeo is a tool (APP + cloud computing platform), which allows you to verify products and properties using photographs and videos, just like an eyewitness or trusted third-party would.


Request speedy inspections to reduce risk and save time and money.


Supervise any construction work anywhere in the country.

Real Estate

Verify real estate in real-time so you can make quick and safe decisions.


Check the condition of any hotel, restaurant or cafe at any time.

Automotive Industry

Reduce risks when purchasing any vehicle using our comprehensive network of verifiers.


Reduce risk when purchasing a boat or mooring using our comprehensive network of verifiers.


Verify any product or property from a distance without the need to travel.


You can check the current conditions of any film location using our network of verifiers.

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