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Verify the condition of any product or property with Visualeo.

What is Visualeo?

Visualeo is a verification service allowing you to check the current state of your company’s products and properties by either carrying out your own self-verification or by requesting the services of our network of verifiers. Once verification is complete, you will receive a legally validated report that will confirm the true state of a product or property at any particular time or location. self-verification

Request verifications

Request a verification anywhere in the country.

Do it yourself

All reports generated by Visualeo, including the information they contain, are completely legally valid.

Legal reports

We provide legally validated reports about the state of your verifications.

Do it yourself

If you’re a freelancer and need to draft expert reports about what you are verifying, Visualeo is the tool for you. Check the actual state of your properties or products for yourself. Use Visualeo to securely log your working hours or easily carry out instant expert reports.

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Your efficiency, our dedication

Certified reports

All evidence logged by one of our verifiers is geo-localized at a particular time and place, allowing you to obtain visual evidence.


All evidence logged by one of our verifiers is geo-localized at a particular time and place, allowing you to obtain visual evidence.

Still have questions?

Our customer service team is available to answer your queries.

New times, new solutions

Six reasons to hire Visualeo’s services for your company or business. Be the next to join Visualeo.


Track employee working hours.


Verify anything you need to, no matter where you are.


Save on costs and time using Visualeo.


Securely register all information with full transparency.


Check the location and time that a verification was carried out.


Use our technical support for all your needs.

Check the state of your company’s products or properties

Obtain visual evidence of anything you need

Our verifiers can help you


Visualeo can help you to valuate properties, works of art and all sorts of other products, offering your clients security and saving your business lots of time.


Save time on insuring your car or home by avoiding the need to travel. Our network of verifiers can help your company to grow.

Expert Reports

Check the state of a construction project using visual evidence documented in Visualeo reports.

Do it yourself


Produce quick and efficient reports on the state of construction work you are supervising.

Industrial sector

Supervise the quality of parts you design using Visualeo self-verification.


Personally verify the condition of the products you are selling on your platform by offering a quality report to your clients.

How does Visualeo work?

1. As a business owner, you may need us to verify a product or property on your behalf.

For example, to check that the products you distribute are displayed correctly

2. In this case, one of our verifiers will travel to the specified location to collect visual evidence.

3. All visual evidence is geo-located and logged at a particular time, preventing any possible fraud.

4. Once each verification is complete, you will receive a certified report via e-mail.

Different use cases


Check the condition of any vehicle (car or motorcycle) before purchasing.


We help art appraisal companies to check the condition of any work of art.

Advertising / Film / TV

Check the condition of a film location without needing to travel there yourself

Real Estate

If you are looking to rent or purchase property, we can help you to check that it’s in optimal condition.


Reduce the risk of exportation fraud thanks to our team of verifiers.


Use Blockchain to verify any product or property from a distance without the need to travel

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Visual evidence

Visualeo allows you to obtain “digital evidence” using photos and videos. This means you can certify that a product or property is in a certain condition using photos and videos as evidence.

Visualeo gives your verification full notarial validity and certifies that nobody has been able to modify or tamper with the photograph or video that you took. Not you, not a third party and not us.

Life is simpler with Visualeo

Grow my business

Visualeo allowed us to obtain detailed information about the state of all properties at our real estate agency. We have everything under control now and our clients can tell.

Isabel, Real Estate agent

Streamline my work

Visualeo helped us to check the condition of goods upon arrival at their destination without the need to travel. Doing so has saved us a lot of money and allowed us to avoid a significant number of complaints.

Pablo, Export Director

What are you waiting for?

Check the actual state of your products or properties at any time and any place.

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