Do you want be part of Visualeo?

Would you like to earn some extra money, with flexible schedules and no constraints?

Do you have a Smartphone you can use to take photos and videos?

Visualeo gives you the opportunity to generate extra income by doing what you love in a really easy way, with flexible hours and in your own city.

If you have a smartphone, register now and we will get in touch to explain how you can start developing your professional skills on the job, earning extra money while you go.

Steps to follow: 

1- Register.

Tell us what professional experience you have in any specific sector, and provide us with your personal information.

2- Online training (coming soon).

Before we contact you, you will watch a training video so you can learn about the basics of the job and the general requirements.

3- We will contact you.

Once you’ve signed up and watched the training video, we will get in contact so you can get to know us a bit better and answer any questions you may have.

4- You can now start working with Visualeo.

We will start to send you work in your home city. If the assessment received by our customers about your work is very good, you will start to receive significantly more work requests.

¿Cómo será tu trabajo en Visualeo?

Gracias a tu ayuda, Visualeo podrá ofrecer a cualquier persona del territorio nacional “verificaciones visuales” de coches, casas y otro tipo de propiedad.

Formarás parte de una herramienta colaborativa compuesta por una gran red de “verificaciones visuales”, tu trabajo ayudará a mucha gente a conocer el estado de una propiedad o un producto cerca del lugar donde te encuentres.